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Pete Mittler of the The Methadones and the The Bomb, along with former Methadones guitarist Ken Ortman (also of Batallion of Saints A.D. and Beer Goggles), and drummer Colin Tahi of Boys On Trial, have formed a new band dubbed the the Neutron Bombs. Four songs from the Chicago act are online new at MySpace. Ken commented on the tunes:

So… we taped this stuff at band practice 12/18/08. The basement was cold, and so were we. By the time we got warmed up enough to bash through the songs without sounding like hell, I had pretty much blown out my voice… so I cheated and re-recorded the vocals the next day. Alas… enough of the old vocals bled thru on the mic we used for drums (yes - one mic for the drums) so the vocals are essentially doubled. That's just from trying to make something usable out of what we recorded. I'm sure we will record better stuff in the future… especially when we hit a proper studio. As you can tell, I'm no audio engineer by any stretch of the imagination! I'm hoping that we do some real studio recordings in January.