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Love Equals Death has announced the departure of vocalist Chon Travis. He explained:

Love Equals Death proved to be a strong band and a fun band to be in, but I never felt comfortable in the band. I never felt like it was my band or that I was really apart of everyone else here. Kind of like Steve Perry felt in Journey. I have always wanted to try to do something that truly represented the essence and soul of myself. So right before I joined LED, I started a solo project that I put on the back burner, because things were going well with LED and I ended up getting too busy to focus on it.

I kept writing songs for both LED and the solo shit, knowing one day I would have to someday part ways with LED to fulfill my desire to express myself the way I had always dreamed. I was going to do this sooner and then the band hit "Road Block Numero Uno". Our bass player got busted for some shit he shouldn't have even had his ass fucking around with anyway. So, I knew I had to stick it out to support my boys in this time of need. So I stayed to help get the band back on track and I never leave anything on a negative note. It's just not good business for the soul or the ones you care about.

Travis is planning to begin recording his debut solo album on February 13th at Motor Studios with helps from members of Envain, Nothington and The Action Design. It will be produced and engineered by Jamie McMann (NOFX,Good Riddance, Lagwagon). You can preview some music on Chon's myspace page.