Andrew Martinez of Nekromantix (1983-2009)
Contributed by swurleez, Posted by Hellcat In Memoriam

Andrew Martinez, aka Andy DeMize of Nekromantix passed away early Sunday morning as a result of a tragic car accident in in Fullerton, California. His bandmates made this statement:

My thoughts and Condolences go out to his Family and Everybody that knew Andrew. There is no words to describe the shock…… Andrew was probably the most loveable guy I ever met and truely the only person I've met in my life that was loved and liked by everybody met. It's just typical Andrew to pull off this "rockstar death" way too early. I have no idea how Newcastle Beer will be able to continue to stay in business and I encourage everybody that knew Andrew, was a fan of his work with his bands, to drink one, two or many Newcastles in his honor.

Our condolences to his friends and family.