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The latest issue of Inked magazine features an interview with Against Me! frontman Tom Gabel and a profile of Gym Class Heroes.

Gabel had this to say about the recent election:

I think what is really important to realize is that it's not like Barack Obama is president and we win! That's it! Everyone can go on vacation now and everything is perfect in the world and all of our problems are solved! There are still just as many things wrong, and just as much work needs to be done. Obama was elected, but then Proposition 8 passed in California. His election makes me really optimistic, but I don't think I'll have trouble continuing to be critical of things.

You can find the Tom Gabel article here.

Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes said this about tattooing:

At first I was like, 'I'm not going to spend my time in a tattoo shop not getting paid when I could be out chasing girls.' But I learned a lot from the time I spent there. I was shadowing really good artists and it just sunk in. I did my first tattoo on the guy I was apprenticing under, and during the first couple lines I was shaking. He was like, 'Suck it up, quit being a pussy!' He had quit smoking cigarettes, so I drew a cigarette smashing itself out, and it came out dope as fuck. Ever since then I've been at it

Read the Gym Class Heroes article here.