by Dispatches

Joey Cape of Lagwagon and Jon Snodgrass of Armchair Martian/Drag the River recently embarked on a worldwide tour together. The duo were kind enough to send us some updates from the road and we've got some words and video for you to check out.

Day 1:

Weisbaden, Germany

Joey: Today was weird. We all had terrible jet lag. Each one of us had trouble remembering our songs and admittedly had less than average sets. But Wiesbaden as fun none the less. Speaking of Wiesbaden, I made the classic Spinal Tap error on stage, by referring to Wiesbaden as Frankfurt, the nearby major city we flew into. That may be a first for me in in 18 years of touring. Even after completely insulting them Wiesbaden was kind and enthusiastic. So, although it felt a bit like a drunken band practice, overall it was a great first night for the tour and I am looking forward to the rest. I have to add, the pleasure of touring in Germany was never more evident than tonight and last night. We arrived here and were immediately put up by the Schlachthof. They even fed us last night. A non show night. Jon and Chad who have never been outside of the US are amazed at the level of their hospitality. Anyway, Danke to Schlachthof, the people who work there and the people who came to the show. Onward to Cologne.

Jon: day one…we slept and had excellent German meals called pizzas.

Chad: Out of sheer will power I did not throw up. It was at the tip of my throat. I was scared.

Day 2 and 3: Day 4: