by Solid State

In the latest Metalhammer, Underoath shared some choice words for popular punk/glam metal act Avenged Sevenfold. Guitarist Tim McTague explained:

What's popular, to a degree, is what pushed me to find something that isn't popular for Underoath. Chiodos or Escape The Fate who do kind of the same thing – screaming and singing and whatever – do it their way, so we're like, 'let's do it completely the opposite' because we don't want to be associated with them.

People might associate us with Avenged Sevenfold because they're pissed Republicans and 'so metal', but they're a gimmick, they're a circus. They can't play and they can't write a song. What's worse is the way they look.

If you need to have make-up and crappy names like Synyster Gates to sell records, then you shouldn't be here. That's not rock'n'roll to me. Arena rock maybe, but not real rock'n'roll. If you're basing yourself on how cool you are or how many girls you can trick into thinking your band is cool you can just… take that home.

Underoath released Lost in the Sound of Separation last year.