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Rev. Nørb, vocalist of Boris The Sprinkler and Razorcake columnist has announced the release of a video game he designed entitled Zombie Wranglers. The game is available on the Xbox Live Arcade platform. Nørb elaborated a bit more on his day job, including a song he wrote for the game:

"THRILL to my exciting theme song, which wound up getting moved to the credits section of the game, because our old publisher's marketing department thought it was "too punk" to be used on the main menus! THAT'S RIGHT, REV. NØRB IS STILL TOO PUNK TO SIT AT THE FRONT OF THE BUS WITH THE RESPECTABLE FOLKS!!! I MUST TAKE MY SEAT IN THE CREDITS SECTION, WITH THE REMAINDER OF THE SOCIAL UNDESIRABLES!!! ((of course, said publisher went out of business about six months later, so, obviously, my revolution has just begun!))"

More info on the game can be found here.