Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Sony Music

Max Bemis of Say Anything (and the Two Tongues) has posted a lengthy blog update on some of the band's plans:

We're done recording our new record, entitled Say Anything, and we're moving into the mixing phase. It should be out this fall. This record is kind of a new start, or at least a new phase in the Say Anything story. You'll be seeing some changes in our camp from the live show all the way to the lack of zoolander-esque promo shots.

We'll be returning to touring sooner than you think, and in a way you've never seen or heard before. More on that to come, but we can assure you once the record is out we'll be becoming true blue road warriors again. when my computer is fixed, I'll be starting to do some semi-regular video updates leading up to the record. I semi-promise!

They released In Defense of the Genre in 2007.