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Jay Bennett, multi-instrumentalist, producer and former member of Wilco, has died at the age of 45. He died in his sleep from an unknown cause, and an autopsy is being performed according to friend Edward Burch.

Bennett was a member of Wilco from 1994-2001, collaborating on four of the band's albums: 1995's A.M., 1996's Being There, 1999's Summerteeth and 2002's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Bennett was asked to leave the group after tensions arose regarding the mixing process during the recording sessions of Foxtrot. Some of these conflicts were documented in the 2001 documentary, I Am Trying To Break Your Heart. Bennett had recently sued band frontman Jeff Tweedy, citing unpaid royalties for his music and his appearance in the film.

Our deepest condolences to his friends and family.