Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Trustkill

Dave Nassie of No Use for a Name has been tapped to join Bleeding Through. Nassie, who has been lead guitarist in NUFAN since the departure of Chris Shiflett in 1999, replaces Jona Weinhofen. Bleeding Through introduced Dave on their myspace page:

Our good friend Dave Nassie -- who many of you will recognize not only from No Use For A Name, Infectious Grooves and a brief stint with Suicidal Tendencies but from Brandan's side project, The Innocent, as well -- has joined Bleeding Through on guitar.

Jona Weinhofen, who joined Bleeding Through two years ago, told us during our North American headliner that he would be leaving the band. As he put it, while he enjoyed his time with us, he missed Australia and of course our well documented financial struggles last year due to Trustkill Records lack of timely commitment to their contractual obligations (which continue; they are 90 days late on royalties) all led to his decision.

The band has signed a new publishing deal with Sony, a merch deal with Warner Music Group and will have a new label soon. They released Declaration in 2009.