by Chunksaah

Detournement, which includes Zak Kaplan (Worthless United), Tom Petta (Bigwig), Scott Golley (Lifetime), Dan Desimoni (Plan A Project) and Nate Gluck (Ensign), have entered the studio to record their follow up to Screaming Response.

The band is working with Pete Steinkopf of Bouncing Souls. Zak commented on the process:

When Pete offered to record us I just thought it would be cool to just go and hang out, get wasted, and whatever. I figured at least it would be a fun way to demo some new songs. I had no idea that the guy actually knew what he was doing! It really sounds great and it's been a lot of fun just hanging out at K8's house and making music.

The band released Screaming Response [7 inch] this year.