Brian: I have no idea when Greater Visions formed (late last year?), who they might cite as influences (Fairweather? Polar Bear Club? Stay Gold? Fuck if I know at this point) or if they have ex-members of any other notable bands (they sound too accomplished not to). But they friend-requested me on MySpace a few days ago and are surprisingly pretty fucking good. And you know those random friend requests; they're usually pretty disastrous. If you only listen to one of the two songs on their MySpace page, let it be "My Fight Club"; their vocalist sort of sounds like the dude from Fireworks at first, but the music is arrestingly atmospheric, definitely dynamic and suddenly throws in a few shocking changes before launching into more straightforward, melody-tinged hardcore territory. I can't gauge any information on this band other than the fact that they're looking for a guitarist and may have released an EP earlier this year (I asked if they had a demo or anything available and they decided not to respond). But still, this is really, really promising stuff and I'm curious as to what their deal is.