Naked Raygun has announced plans to enter the studio to record a new 7-inch series. The band will be headed into Transient Sound Studios in Chicago, Illinois to lay down tracks that will eventually be pressed on a series of 7-inch records and represent the first new material from the band since 1992.

The band broke up in 1992 and save for a one-off reunion in 1997 to celebrate the release of the Last of the Demohicans collection, stayed inactive while band members tended to family business and occasionally other musical projects such as The Bomb and Pegboy.

In the fall of 2006 drummer Eric Spicer began to get the itch to play the old songs again and gathered the guys together again to reunite for Riot Fest in Chicago. The overwhelming response from the sold out crowd of four thousand prompted Naked Raygun to re-form permanently with their final lineup of Spicer, Bill Stephens on guitar, Pierre Kezdy on bass and Jeff Pezzati on vocals. The reunion also spawned the release of What Poor Gods We Do Make: Story and Music Behind Naked Raygun DVD.