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New York City, NY'sThe Static Age have announced a series of Europe and UK dates beginning in late August. The band last released Blank Screens in 2006.

August 26, 2009Frankfurt, GermanyElferClap Your Hands Twice, Eldens Countermove
August 27, 2009Bergkamen, GermanyJKCClap Your Hands Twice + more
August 28, 2009Stadtlohn, GermanyHerz & AnkerClap Your Hands Twice
August 29, 2009Castricum, The NetherlandsDe BakkerijClap Your Hands Twice
August 30, 2009Arnheim, The NetherlandsWillemeenThe Cobra Skulls, Bangers, Clap Your Hands Twice
August 31, 2009Norwich, UKThe MarqueeDarwin And The Dinosaur + more
August 1, 2009TBA, UKTBA 9/02 Stoke, UK @ HarrysClap Your Hands Twice
September 3, 2009Exeter, UKThe CavernBangers + more
September 4, 2009London, UKHope & Anchor
September 5, 2009Lille, FranceAmul Solo Bar
September 6, 2009Strasbourg, FranceStunt AreaClap Your Hands Twice + more
September 7, 2009Aalen, GermanyFrapeClap Your Hands Twice + more
September 8, 2009Tübingen, GermanyBierkellerClap Your Hands Twice
September 9, 2009Balingen, GermanySonnenkellerClap Your Hands Twice
September 10, 2009Stuttgart, GermanyKap TormentosoClap Your Hands Twice
September 11, 2009Essen, GermanyCafe NovaCloak/Dagger, Shark Soup, Ravens
September 12, 2009Osnabrück, GermanyJZ OstbunkerClap Your Hands Twice
September 13, 2009Hamburg, GermanyLogoClap Your Hands Twice, Cherries On A Blacklist
September 14, 2009Chemnitz, GermanySubway To PeterClap Your Hands