Dead To Me
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Dead To Me have posted a lengthy update, including a song from their forthcoming full-length, African Elephants. The album was recorded without guitarist/vocalist Jack Dalrymple, though bassist/vocalist Chicken insists that Dalrymple is still in the band, writing:

"This record marks somewhat of a new era for us, it was recorded without our brother, best friend, founding member, and most importantly new father, Jack Dalrymple. Sometimes children get a father that loves them and actually wants to be a part of their life. Little baby Jack Dalrymple (the third!) is one such child. So, as much fun as being stuck in a van with immature, impolite and unhygienic boys can be at times, our guitar player has opted for fatherhood. A sabbatical from Dead To Me as it were… Of course Jack knows that once you're in Dead To Me you're in for life and that you can only be sexed out. As much fun as being sexed out in a van with immature, impolite, unhygienic boys can be at times, our guitar player has still opted for fatherhood. He will be back though, know that … Jack Dalrymple is not on the new record, but is still in the band and ALWAYS will be."

Chicken also notes that many of the songs on African Elephants were written and sung by guitarist Nathan Grice, and that the band intends to tour extensively as a three-piece in the future. They have a show tomorrow, August 1, at 924 Gilman in Berkeley, CA and will be appearing at The Fest 8 in Gainesville, FL over Halloween weekend.

A new song from African Elephants entitled "Modern Muse" can be heard at Dead To Me's MySpace page. The record is expected out at the end of October and will follow up 2008's Little Brother EP, which is currently streaming at their page.