Mr. T Experience: "Andromeda Klein"
by Music

Dr.Frank, noted author and former frontman of The Mr. T Experience has posted a song from his recently announced new 7-inch. The music coincides with the release of his second novel, Andromeda Klein. The digital version is due out the same day as the book, on August 25, 2009. It will feature two songs, "Andromeda Klein" - a "theme" for the book, and the b-side, "Bethlehem."

Check out the song here.

With the exception of the acoustic tracks included with his previous novel, King Dork, the 7-inch represents the first output from Frank in more than five years. The songs were recorded by Justin Perkins at Howl Street Recordings in Milwaukee. Physical vinyl is due out on Jealous Butcher Records from Portland, Oregon on September 15, 2009.