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Vocalist Nick Barham has left Columbus, Ohio's Attack Attack!. The Rise Records act released the following statement:

Thought we'd throw you all a quick little update about what's currently going on in the AA! lineup. The band and Nick parted ways recently in a mutually agreed non-explosive fashion, which we all believe is the best for both sides. Caleb is going to retire his keys and start screaming in the front of the band. We DO NOT have a new person in our band. Don't worry, our music will still be full of Caleb's programming, keys, and all the good things he concocts. It will just be back-tracked live with the 808 samples and other nonsense on my iPod. Anyways, we're not gonna stop touring, playing shows, and having a generally wonderful time with all of you.

Of course, this Attack! Attack! is not to be confused with South Whales' Attack! Attack!. When saying the latter's name you're supposed to shout between each word, while the Ohio act only requires an increase in volume after the second word. That's hardly confusing.