Contributed by RossHostage, Posted by Asian Man

As of December 12th, 2009, Asian Man Records will discontinue their relationship with Ben Weasel and that means the end of albums from Screeching Weasel, Riverdales and Ben's solo material. The production and distribution of those albums will shift to Recess Records. Asian Man's Mike Park explained:

Ben has decided that he can no longer work with me and Asian Man Records. To be honest, I have no hard feelings and I only wish Ben the best. After Dec. 12th, the good folks at RECESS RECORDS will be handling all the Screeching Weasel, Riverdales, and Ben Weasel solo releases. So what does this mean other than me being bummed these great records are no longer part of the Asian Man catalog? Well, it means we have very little time to sell a bunch of great records.
To that end, the label has put together some "clearance" packages which you can find here.