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Former Furious Styles members Miles Freeborn, Tony Reed, and Harris Richardson have spoken out against a t-shirt glorifying the recent killing of a Seattle police officer. All three have blamed vocalist Mike Torres for the shirt's creation, stating that they had no input into the shirt's creation and that if they had, the shirt would never have been released.

It was not politically relevant or righteous. It was a brutal attack by an unorganized, deranged imbecile. We are sickened by the shirt's message and the fact that it now represents Furious Styles. The shirt was created solely by Mike Torres without any consent of ours.

Freeborn was also quick to note that the band has actually been broken up for 6 months and that photos of the band that have been circulating with the controversy depict members who had not been in the band for several years. Richardson also noted that in the two years he was a member of the band, their music did not have an overt political message and that the anti-cop sentiment behind the shirt was not something that he, Freeborn, and Reed shared.

"It's not like [Monfort] was a political activist. He…wanted to be a cop. He's not really standing up against cops. It's not like we're talking about Mumia or anything."

The three plan to put a stop to the shirt's distribution.