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Saves the Day has some lineup updates to announce for their upcoming tour with New Found Glory. Bassist Manuel Carrero and drummer Durijah Lang will be focusing on their other band, Glassjaw, for their "extensive touring" plans in 2010. Saves the Day has recruited drummer Spencer Peterson and bassist Rodrigo Palma to take their respective places. STD frontman Chris Conley had the following statement:

Rodrigo has been playing bass in bands with Arun since they were both 16, and he's already part of the Saves The Day family, so we're keeping it real. Spencer has been busy out there in the world of rock, manning the drums for Hidden In Plain View and Charlotte Sometimes as well as filling in for other acts when needed. both dudes are talented and down to Earth.

All this being said, unfortunately we have not had the opportunity to record Daybreak with the new personnel, however we do have studio time booked at the end of the NFG tour.

The group hopes to release their next album, Daybreak, in 2010. It wraps up the album trilogy started with Under the Boards and Sound the Alarm.