88 Fingers Louie

In a blog post, 88 Fingers Louie hinted that their recent reunion may become permanent:

"Since we did our 10-year reunion show back in August, our fans have continually welcomed us back with open arms. Last night was another testament to that. We have played 4 shows so far, and each one has been sold out. Back in early 2009, our original thoughts were just to play one reunion show for all of our fans that have been requesting it over many years. Now, because of all of you showing so much support for us, we have decided to keep it going … we are not exactly sure what the future holds for us, but I can definitely say that we are hoping to do more than just a local Chicago show every few months. There has been talk of new songs, more shows around the US & Canada, and even a European tour … we have just been confirmed to play the Groezrock festival in Belgium on April 24. So if you are in Europe, here is your first chance to see us in over 10 years."

The band reunited in 2009 for their first shows in ten years, and released a live record a few months later.