Rocksteady pioneer Lynn Taitt (1934-2010)

Pioneering rocksteady guitarist Lynn Taitt passed away this past Wednesday in Montreal following a long battle with cancer.

The musician was born Nerlynn Taitt in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago and began playing guitar in the early `60s. He first traveled to Jamaica in 1963 for a gig booked by influential band leader and record producer Byron Lee. Taitt went on perform with nearly every major ska act of the era, including The Skatalites, The Sheiks and The Cavaliers. When rocksteady emerged in 1966 Taitt and his band the Jets became in-demand session musicians, with the guitarist helping to establish the Federal Studios sound with hits by Derrick Morgan, Alton Ellis and others. He is credited with creating the first rocksteady bassline on the song "Take It Easy" by Hopeton Lewis. Lynn Taitt relocated to Canada in 1968, eventually settling in Montreal. There he worked for local reggae, jazz and calypso groups as a writer and recorded with third-wave ska band the Kingpins.

Our deepest condolences go out to Lynn's family and friends.