Red Scare and Anchorless to release Brendan Kelly / Joe McMahon split
Contributed by redscare, Posted by Red Scare

On March 16th Red Scare and Anchorless Records will co-release a new split featuring Brendan Kelly of The Lawrence Arms and Joe McMahon of Smoke Or Fire. Titled Wasted Potential it will feature seven songs from each artist. Anchorless will handle the LP and digital versions of the record while Red Scare will be releasing the CD. Toby from Red Scare quipped "I swear to god I saw this all coming when I saw Joe carrying Brendan's limp, drunken body out of a Las Vegas elevator back in like 2005. So we know they got the 'wasted' part down, we'll have to see about the 'potential'. "

News on the track listing and other details are expected soon.