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In a recent interview with Exclaim Lagwagon's Joey Cape commented in the future of the band, mentioning that bassist Jesse Buglione has (more or less) quit the group:

I can be honest and say that I'm pretty sure we don't have a bass player. I think our bass player, Jesse [Buglione]… he would probably sit in a room with me and say, "Don't say that," but he's basically quit our band. He's made it pretty clear that he can't keep touring because he has to have a real job and make a living. He has a child and a mortgage; that's real stuff, I get it. I totally get that, I don't think anything bad about that at all, but that makes it hard for me to be motivated about doing things with the band because there's only a few original members in the band.

It's a weird thing when I think about that band. It's hard to give any kind of good answer. It's always just kind of a little bit of sadness. But I'm always up for doing something with that band. I would really be into doing the one-song thing with that band. because making a record is such a drag with a band. It just takes so much time. I think something like what I'm going to do is a great idea for Lagwagon. It would be super easy for us to get together once a month and write and record a song, or do two or three every few months.

You can find the full interview at Exclaim.