After spending the past few months as a vinyl exclusive, Blacklisted will be releasing their critically acclaimed album, No One Deserves to Be Here More Than Me on CD on April 13, 2010. The record was the 12th Best of 2009 according to our staff and the CD release will feature the entirety of the record, as well as the Eccentrichine 7-inch released earlier in 2010.

  1. Our Apartment Is Always Empty
  2. Everything In My Life Is For Sale
  3. J.M.N. (Interlude)
  4. No One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me
  5. G.E.H. (Interlude)
  6. The P.I.G. (Problem Is G.)
  7. I'm Trying To Disappear
  8. Palisade
  9. Skeletons
  10. I Am Extraordinary
  11. S.M.F. (Interlude)
  12. Stones Throw (bonus track)
  13. D.J.W. (Interlude) (bonus track)
  14. Eccentrichine (bonus track)