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Green Day have posted the video for "Last of the American Girls" from their 2009 album, 21st Century Breakdown. The band also spoke to MTV about the follow up to the record promising a "Back to the Basics" approach. Billie Joe Armstrong said this:

We did some demos in Berlin, some in Stockholm, some just outside of Glasgow and some in Amsterdam. We wanted to get [the songs] down in some early form. It's just been songwriting right now. Instead of doing it later on, we decided to start doing stuff now. … It's all back to the basics again. Just getting in a room together and start jamming. We set up all of our old gear, which was like an experiment. We set up all of our equipment from 1992, and we sat in a room. We got in, and I was like, 'Come on, guys, we're getting back in!' and I [start playing] and go, 'This sounds like sh--!' Everything sounded so bad.

Check out the interview here.