by Trustkill

Most Precious Blood and Indecision guitarist Justin Lee Brannan is considering a run of state senator in New York State representing southwest Brooklyn. Brannan, who also is a Wall Street veteran from Bear Stearns, commented on the run:

We need a new brand of invigorated leadership. I see great changes in the community. We need an advocate, not a politician with an insatiable ego. We need new leadership in the face of a dysfunctional state government in Albany. When I look at [incumbent] Marty Golden, I see a legislator resting on laurels. Yes, he has delivered for our community. But Marty Golden represents provincial Bay Ridge. I represent progressive Bay Ridge. have a background in business, media and international affairs. I can bring common-sense solutions that New York so desperately needs now. I am a music professor, a musician, a financier on Wall Street and [I] raise money for a charity.

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