F*cked Up: "Here Lies Are"
by Matador Music

Fucked Up have posted a new track, "Here Lies Are," from their upcoming split with Serena-Maneesh. You can find it on their official blog.

Incidentally, Fucked Up frontman Damian Abraham weighed in on the Arizona immigration controversy, but has stated that the band will explictly not be omitting Arizona for their tour plans as some other Canadian artists like Stars have opted:

Don't get me wrong, I think the AZ immigration bill is horrible and must be repealed but I also think that indie bands boycotting the state is inane. Do Stars honestly think that by denying the state their brand of dreamy pop that they're going to force the governor's hand? All this does is not give the people that like your band enough credit and assumes that they are in someway supportive of the bill. Mind you, if you are Nickleback and a fan base of those types of douche bags then boycotting is a good strategy