Death to False Hope Records will issue their next digital compilation on May 11. Titled We Can't Be Everything We Wanted to Be, the release will feature tracks from Bouncing Souls, Let Me Run, Look Mexico, Mixtapes, Joey Cape, Over Stars and Gutters and a slew of others.

1. Direct Hit!- Snickers of Reece's(Pick Up the Pieces)
2. Let Me Run- CSJ*
3. Random Orbits- In the Dreams I Can Remember *
4. Black Sails, Western Shores- Hangover Radio
5. Mixtapes- Morning Sex and AM Radio *
6. Bouncing Souls- Ghosts on the Boardwalk(Acoustic)*
7. Micha Schabel- American Static
8. Copper Bones- Feel Alive ( Ex members of My Hotel Year)*
9. Think Big- Since When
10. American Aquarium- Nothing to Lose
11. The Please & Thank You's- Fucking Honestly
12. Anchor Arms- 1516 *
13. Plain States- Libby Montana(Members of Red City Radio)*
14. The Dirty Little Heaters- City Square
15. Over Stars and Gutters- Anthem on Sheridan
16. White Tiger and the Bed Of Roses- El Salvador Sex Riot
17. Madison Bloodbath- Me and Lonesome George
18. Joey Cape- Angry Days(Acoustic)*
19. Why I Hate- Secrets*
20. Stereotyperider- Crush Us All(Seaweed Cover)
21. Sour Boy,Bitter Girl- Blood on Your Hands*
22. The Fresh Kills- Before the Storm
23. Look Mexico- Take it Upstairs, Einstein(Acoustic @ Havest for Hope)*
24. Jazz Hands- Balloon Boyz
25.Jay Heart Montreal - The Sandwich Got Our Back
26. 10-4 Eleanor W/Jon Snodgrass- Austin's Song(Sour Boy,Bitter Girl Cover)*
27.Robot Spells Hell- Youngtown Tune-Up*
28. Hold Tight!- My Favorite Songs
29. Beat Noir- Postponed
30. The Dry Heathens- Splendid Little War
31. The Sandwiches- Bad Sandwiches and a Head Smashed on a Table*
32. Johnny Rev- Last December
33. Mourning Is for Suckers- If I'm Wrong*