by Vagrant

Dallas Green of Alexisonfire and City and Colour spoke to Alter the Press about future plans for both his bands. First, with regards to the Dog's Blood EP first mentioned in March:

We've kinda got all of the songs written, we just have to record it; but it's not going to take that long to record, we can do it a few days. We're coming back to the UK in the fall, and hopefully it'll be done by then. We're doing it on vinyl and digital. It'll probably be a 12". We have a bunch of time off in the summer, and we'll probably do it on a weekend. The songs cater to just being able to go in, and play.

Green also mentioned plans for his acoustic/folk project, City and Colour:

I have lots of songs; just have to find time to record them. I've got fifteen that I like. It'll probably be ten songs. There's a lot more piano. I've always wanted to write songs on piano, but there are still songs that are just me and my guitar. There are also songs that are taking a whole new direction.

Alexisonfire released Old Crows / Young Cardinals last year.