PBS documentary creators need your help
by Videos

We've been contacted by filmmakers working on an upcoming PBS documentary hoping that some of our Punknews readers might be able to help with some needed band footage/photography from the Wetlands venue in NY. It is very specific, so pay attention:

We are working on a documentary film that includes a short section highlighting the old Wetlands club in NYC. We're hoping to fill some footage gaps in this sequence and are looking for the following:

1) Video footage of bands who played Wetlands during the late 90s. In particular, we're looking for recordings of Avail and/ or Chocking Victim, but we are open to other (ideally environmental or political) punk bands. But please note: since we are a PBS film, the music cannot be overly dissonant or aggressive -- so we're excluding hardcore and classic '77 punk oriented acts.

2) Video footage or photographs of Wetlands atmosphere --bouncers/ door folks ripping tickets, lines out front, the bar in action, crowds, beer flowing from the tap, etc.

We do have an archival budget -- so we are prepared to license the material and arrange for proper compensation and accreditation. Thanks in advance for your help!

If you're interested, contact Sam Cullman via email.