Okay, I've been slacking on the whole MP3 of the week thing, I apologize. Here's 2 for your enjoyment.
First up is Gainesville, FL's the Æffect. This song is a new demo of theirs that will get your ass shaking and get you throwing away the Faint's discography. Check it.
The Æffect - Burning In The Bed On Fire
For more info on the Æffect, go to TheÆffect.com.

But wait, that's not all! Adam has decided to give us an MP3 of the week, as well!
"The Constantines are from my adopted home of Guelph, Ontario (although they've relocated to Toronto). The Canadian music press has thrown a lot of hype behind their debut CD and EP. This track's from their EP "Modern Sinner, Nervous Man" on Suicide Squeeze Records. Check out why the band has critics name-dropping both Fugazi and Bruce Springsteen about the same band." - adam
The Constantines -Blind Luck