Brian: Hey, remember these? Perhaps we should try to bring them back.

Anyway, Residuals added me on MySpace--remember them, too?--several months back. I think they only had a very rough demo on the page at the time, but the diverse array of influences seemed promising (As Cities Burn, Circa Survive, Verse, Tera Melos, …Who Calls So Loud), so I accepted the request and then forgot about them for a long time, since, well, MySpace is becoming the red-headed stepchild of social networks.

Cut to yesterday. I came across the band browsing Caravels' page and their name jogged my memory. Since that initial add, the band has posted a very solid four-song demo for free download (you can acquire that here) and posted up two newer songs that are even more impressive. Think Comadre's singer fronting a more pensive and brooding act, with plenty of moody atmospheres and cathartic tension and release. If you listen to one song, let it be their new one, "For Joy." It's on their aforementioned MySpace.