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Scott Kelly of Neurosis had some critical things to say about his experiences with Dead Kennedys' co-founder Jello Biafra and his label, Alternative Tentacles Records. The band is reissuing 1993's Enemy of the Sun on their on Neurot Recordings due to a conflict they had with the label. He explained:

Alternative Tentacles ripped us off. That's the simple version. They cooked the books and we called them on it. They accused us of all sorts of things and being greedy. And it was only about $3000! It was basically an honor thing. There was no honor there. I don't know what to say about it except that I was proud to be on the label when they approached us to do us records. We held them in high regard and it couldn't be further from that now.

[The other Dead Kennedys members] won in court because they were correct. If he would rip us off for a small amount of money then he'd go after them for huge amount of money. When is the last time he had to punch a clock or worry about rent? He doesn't. Who lives in a house on the hill? He does. I live in a trailer in the woods. I have a day job and always have. What he did to his fellow band mates is all there in black and white.

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