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Tina Sparkle have posted a new song. The band, which features former members of The Forecast as well as Scouts Honor, will be releasing their sophomore full-length Welcome To The No Fun House on February 8, 2011 via Thinker Thought Records.

Check out "Decatur" at the band's MySpace page and click below for the album's art and track listing.

1. Reprise (through my un-kissed blue eyes)
2. The Long Goodbye
3. You And Your Mess
4. Gash N' Go
5. This House Is In Flames, So Let's Keep Warm
6. Decatur
7. Another Rainy Morning In Moscow, ID
8. Pinky Swears And Cigarette Songs
9. Lovers And Friends
10. Get Some Sleep!
11. Dear Jan,
12. W.I.M.P.
13. Protecting What Matters
14. Wake Like A Rose