Milo Aukerman of Descendents granted a rare interview to talk about a variety of subjects including his career in science, DIY and what kind of performances can be expected from the legendary band in the future. When asked about the punk rock era of the original run of the Descendents versus today, he said this:

You have to remember, this was before the corporate record labels took all the fun out of it. There was a naivete to the scene, meaning that bands played gigs partly just to hang out with friends, partly just to get exposure, but never with any idea to get on Billboard top40 or anything. This lack of expectation for "commercial success" meant that bands could experiment, and it seemed like every new band that came out would sound completely different than anything else. I mentioned the amazing shows with Black Flag, Minutemen, etc.; aside from the jawdropping music that these guys were making, they were our buds and really looked out for us, booking us on their shows and urging us to record our stuff. It was not only a musical breakthrough but a new model for music production (i.e. the DIY ethic), and I feel incredibly fortunate to have taken part in it.

He also talks about future touring plans:

The idea is to NOT halt my career at all; I have no plans to "go on tour" per se. The Australian shows are what I would call "one-off," and that's likely the only way the Descendents will operate from now on (i.e. occasional shows here and there). Currently, we are "cramming for the exam," getting ready for the Aussie shows. For me, the most important thing is strengthening my voice so I don't blow it out after the first show. Going home early would totally suck. I'm limited by how much time off I can get from my job. Do not expect any comprehensive tour, but just a smattering of shows here and there.

Find the entire interview here.