Yeah, it might be sort of gimmicky to name your band in such a fashion, but it's not like I wasn't going to check out Dear You after receiving a notification that a band named after a favorite LP of mine were now following me on Twitter. My severe lack of activity on the hotbed social networking site is probably going to disappoint them, but their songs didn't disappoint me. The band's three-song EP, The Night a Forest Grew, bears a really promising, melodic post-hardcore/emo sound that seems to take a dollop of influence and then some from fellow Connecticut growlers Make Do and Mend. They also count on inspiration from acts like Dresden Dolls, the Promise Ring, the Get Up Kids, Latterman and Jimmy Eat World--try to guess which two-to-three of these I hear in there. You can download that brand new EP (and another one from May) over at their Bandcamp page for free.