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Plan-It-X Records' Plan-It-X Fest sold out yesterday in less than three hours. The organizers commented:

Registration was filled in less than three hours! I personally underestimated how quickly this would happen. I have no idea if Chris anticipated that, but it's very overwhelming.

If you did not get a ticket, all might not be lost (possibly! don't get your hopes too high, I don't know how this will go down). Some people registered but haven't paid yet, and they might not ever pay. Some people regsitered twice (or three times, or more?) when they only meant to register once, and those duplicates will be cancelled once we confirm with people. This COULD POTENTIALLY mean that those spots will open back up. This is not my call to make, and i'll have to work out the logistics with Chris, but we'll keep you up to date. I don't know if we'll just let these spots open as we delete erroneous registrants, or if we'll do a second round of registering at a future-announced date of whatever number of spots open. We still have to work this out. We'll let you know.

The organizers are expected to release a group of tickets at a later date.

Plan-It-X Fest will take place in Bloomington, IN in June 24, 25 and 26 of 2011. It will feature performances from Paul Baribeau, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Ghost Mice, Defiance, Ohio, Eric Ayotte, Kimya Dawson and a slew of others. The festival will benefit such charities as Pages to Prisoners and Rhino's Youth Media Program, as well as publishing Troubled Sleep, a book by late PIX founder Samantha Dorsett.