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In a Facebook blog post titled "Malicious Myths", Dead Kennedys guitarist East Bay Ray spoke out against former Dead Kennedys singer Jello Biafra and weighed in on recent comments from former Alternative Tentacles Records act Neurosis:

Jello Biafra is a very talented person, we collaborated on great music together and he is exceptionally outspoken, but talent and outspokenness do not indicate character. To put it simply, he betrayed Klaus, D. H. and myself, and what Dead Kennedys stand for-- behind our backs he stole song writing credit and skimmed royalties from us, not the other way around. When his selfishness was ultimately proven, Biafra used his position and charisma to spread lies and malicious myths about us to cover up and distract from his own betrayal of us and Dead Kennedys. And we still hear those lies being thoughtlessly spread by people who have no first hand knowledge of the situation. The experience was one of the worst things for Klaus, D. H. and I to have to go through. And it was devastating to learn that the ideals that Biafra spoke of meant nothing to him, they're just there for his image, he only looks out for himself.

So now that the band Neurosis finally has the rights back to their record which was on Alternative Tentacles, "Enemy of the Sun," they can speak out about how Biafra stole from them just like he stole from East Bay Ray, Klaus Flouride and D. H. Peligro.

Check out the entire post here.