by 1-2-3-4! Go

Seattle Washington's Cute Lepers have finished their third full length. The album is titled Adventure Time and it is scheduled for release by 1-2-3-4 Go! Records on April 5th of in the US and Damaged Goods in the UK. It features 12 new songs including one written by Duncan Reid of `77 era UK punk act The Boys.

The band is planning to head out for a short West Coast tour in April before leaving for Europe at the end of the month. When they return home they'll embark on a full US summer tour. Dates are forthcoming.

  1. Tribute To Charlie
  2. Damaging Acts
  3. Foxy Society
  4. Noisy Song
  5. All of This Attention Is Killing Me
  6. 77 (written by Duncan Reid)
  7. Head Over Heals
  8. I Can't Do Things
  9. Ambulance Man
  10. She Liked Helter Skelter
  11. Misdirected
  12. Adventure Time