Spoonboy, lead singer of The Max Levine Ensemble, will release his second solo record The Papas on May 1, his first in six years. The record was recorded in April 2010 with a backing band consisting of members of Nana Grizol, Hot New Mexicans, Grape Soda, Madeline, Elf Power, Defiance Ohio, and more. The album is a joint release by Plan-it-X Records, Fuck You is a Seven Letter Word Records, Discount Horse Records, and Shout Out Loud Prints, and will be available on vinyl, CD and cassette tape. In addition to the proper full length, the CD, tape and download will also come with bonus lo-fi bedroom recordings. All formats will come with a zine with lyrics, stories, essays, and other pieces.

Spoonboy will be on tour for much of May and June supporting The Papas. Tour dates and details can be found on Spoonboy's website.

2. All the Kids In Michigan
3. Not Coming Home
4. Stab Yer Dad
5. Do You Need a Messiah
6. Gerald Lee Palmer
7. Hegemonic Blowfish
8. Sexy Dreams
9. Peanuts
10. Carol Rhodes
11. All One or None
12. The Mamas and the Papas
13. I am a Dog
14. My Antonia