Descendents have posted a statement addressing their less than well-received performance from last week. Frontman Milo Aukerman's voice gave out in the beginning of the set leading to many disappointed fans of the beloved punk/hardcore outfit. The band said this:

When we got on stage on the 25th, we had absolutely no reason to expect things to go the way they did. Milo's voice had been fine at the two previous shows we'd done, and his voice was clear all day before the show. We take a lot of pride in our live shows, and would never want to deliver a less than killer performance. Milo's voice "gave out" at about the 3rd song, and while he did his best to go forward with the show, he was simply not able to perform once his voice was gone. There has been understandable frustration from many people who attended the show. They waited a long time to see us, paid good money to do so, and they feel that we gave a less than satisfactory performance. We couldn't agree more.

We are working with the promotors in London to plan a free make up show. We have just arrived home and so no plans have been made yet, but we know that we owe you one hell of a show, and we promise to deliver on it.

Find the full statement here.