Alkaline Trio: "Clavicle"
by Epitaph Music

If you're curious about what the upcoming re-recorded album from Alkaline Trio is going to sound like, the band has posted the first taste of it. As we reported earlier, the band dug into their 15 year catalog to pick a selection of songs to re-record for Damnesia which is due out July 12, 2011 on Epitaph Records. Along with the re-recordings, it will feature two new songs, "Olde English 800" and "I Remember a Rooftop", as well as a cover version of the Violent Femmes' "I Held Her in My Arms"

For this first sample, the band posted a new recording of a song from their beloved 1998 debut, Goddamnit. That album was also remastered and reissued for it's 10th anniversary in 2008. Check out "Clavicle" on their Facebook Profile.