Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground
by Suburban Home

Suburban Home Records will be releasing the forthcoming sophomore album from Kay Kay and his Weathered Underground. The band is the project from Kirk Huffman and Kyle O'Quin, who began writing new songs together during the final touring days of their previous band, Gatsby's American Dream. The record is titled Introducing Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground and is due out July 26, 2011 via Suburban Home.

  1. Strange Sweet Dreams
  2. You Motherfuckers
  3. Diggin'
  4. Oh Lord, I Hate You California
  5. 21st Century Boy
  6. A Country House In The Heart of The City
  7. Paychecks And Pipe Dreams
  8. World's Entire
  9. Bottom Of Yelser
  10. My Friends All Passed Out