by No Idea

No Idea Records has detailed a forthcoming live album from Leatherface. The record is titled Live in Melbourne: Viva La Arthouse, is due out July 4, 2011 and was recorded and mixed at Melbourne, Australia venue The Arthouse by Poison City Records' Matt Bodiam. Click below for the cover art and track listing.

In addition to a domestic release via No Idea, the album will be handled by Big Ugly Fish in the UK, Major Label in Germany, Poison City in Oz, Inyaface in Japan and Rubber Factory in Canada.

1. Not a Day Goes By
2. God is Dead
3. Watching You Sleep
4. Never Say Goodbye
5. Diego Garcia
6. Little White God
7. Peasant in Paradise
8. Hoodlum
9. Sour Grapes
10. Nutcase
11. My Worlds End
12. I Want the Moon
13. Broken
14. Not Superstitious
15. Pale Moonlight
16. Dead Industrial Atmosphere
17. Springtime
18. Hops & Barley
19. Hurt