Rolling Stone is reporting that Metallica and the legendary Lou Reed have collaborated on a new album together. According to the report, the musicians collaborated at Metallica's studio north of San Francisco with 10 songs primarily composed by Reed but arranged by Metallica. The magazine suggests "a raging union of his 1973 noir classic, Berlin, and Metallica's '86 crusher, Master of Puppets.

Reed commented:

A marriage made in heaven. I knew it from the first day we played together: 'Oh, man, this is perfection, right in front of me.' They're bringing Metallica, with all that power. And because they're pretty sophisticated, wherever I go, they're still with me.

Rolling Stone's David Fricke said this about some songs he heard:

The result is at once unpredictable and viciously tight. "Pumping Blood" opens with a drone that breaks into a crunching march, goes into speed-metal gear and breaks into free-fall sections – all over seven minutes, cut live in one take. Another track, "Mistress Dread," features Reed singing across a relentless staccato riff played at manic velocity.

Since there is nothing released from the album yet, we suggest opening this and this in separate tabs and playing them simultaneously.

Find the full report here.