Doghouse looks back with new compilation
by Doghouse

On July 26, 2011, Doghouse Records will be releasing Retrospective Vol. 1, a 12-song digital compilation featuring music from throughout the label's 23 year history. Bands appearing on the comp. include: Hot Water Music, Threadbare, Chamberlain, Split Lip, Get Up Kids, Favez- The Man with Foreword Eye, Endpoint, Koufax, Majority of One, Metroschifter, Celebrity and Limbeck.

The first song from the compilation, Hot Water Music's "Better Sense," is streaming here. The song comes from the 1997 release of Forever and Counting.

  1. Hot Water Music - " Better Sense"
  2. Threadbare - "Penicillin"
  3. Chamberlain - "Until the Day Burns Down"
  4. Split Lip - "Sleep"
  5. Get Up Kids - "Don't Hate Me"
  6. Favez- The Man with Foreword Eye"
  7. Endpoint - "Caste"
  8. Koufax - "Trouble WIll Find You"
  9. Majority of One - "One Man"
  10. Metroschifter - "Actress"
  11. Celebrity - "Cave"
  12. Limbeck - "In Ohio on Some Steps"