Under the Influence vol. 15 and 16 (Dead to Me, The Flatliners, Cheap Girls, Noise by Numbers)

Suburban Home Records have announced volumes 15 and 16 of their Under the Influence series. Volume 15 features Cheap Girls' cover of Belle and Sebastian's "My Wandering Days Are Over" and Noise By Numbers' cover "Between the Planets" by Jesus and the Mary Chain. Volume 16 includes Dead to Me's version of Fugazi's "End Hits" and The Flatliners' cover of "Straight American Slave" by Rocket From the Crypt. The 7-inches are due for an August 2nd release and can be pre-ordered here and here respectively. The artwork can be seen below.

Also head over to Ruiner's Punknews profile to stream their Under the Influence split with Attica! Attica!.