Dead To Me

Dead to Me has given our friends at AMP another update as they continue work on their new full-length at Atlas Studios with producer Matt Allison:

"We are done with rhythm guitars essentially and have already finished all the bass and drums. Sam finished a large chunk of lead guitars as well, so we will start singing soon for sure. This is historically right around the time I start second guessing my lyrics and melodies and have a miniature mental breakdown. The other dudes have assured me I will do great though and I really like what Matt has told me about his approach to recording vocals so I feel pretty good this time around."

This will be the group's third full-length overall and first with their new lineup featuring Sam Johnson (No Friends, VRGNS, New Mexican Disaster Squad) and Ken Yamazaki (Enemy You, Western Addiction). They'll soon be releasing a split 7-inch with Off With Their Heads and Riverboat Gamblers to commemorate the three bands' upcoming tour.