Reign Supreme
Contributed by alex101, Posted by Mediaskare

Philadelphia, PA-based Reign Supreme have joined Mediaskare Records who will releasing their forthcoming EP, Sky Burial. The 7-song EP follows the band's Deathwish Inc.-released Testing the Limits of Infinite.

The band will record with their long-time producer Will Putney and explained the title of the EP:

Sky Burial comes from the Tibetan tradition of bringing the dead to a mountain, or other place where vultures gather. The vultures and other animals consume the corpse, and hence, it becomes a vessel to feed and care for these creatures. It's a cool idea, wherein your empty shell of a person becomes of some utility to some other thing, and I just found the idea of that fascinating; it makes more sense to me than embalming the dead in an attempt to preserve some self-imposed idea of what they were like in life, and then tossing that homemade mannequin into a pine box, and letting it rot. It seems to me to be more pragmatic, to let yourself be the thing that sustains your ecosystem. It reminds us that we are just animals, that we are not special because of our smart cars and Facebook, and that we, in a sense, are simply carrion.